The Latest Star Wars Animated Short Spotlight’s R2-D2’s Adoring Fans

Image: Lucasfilm

Just a day after posting an animated short about BB-8 and his beyond precious evil twin, the Star Wars Twitter is back with another, this one about the eclipsing fame of everyone’s favourite droid, R2-D2 himself.

Sure, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo are remembered as the big heroes of the Star Wars universe, but that’s only to the meatbags, right? From the droid perspective, no way are they the real heroes. No, the legend here is R2, the dashing cylindrical champion with a legacy lasting from the Clone Wars to the Resistance. If this short is any indication, his reputation travels wherever he goes. So long as there are other droids around, that is.

I love the idea that BB-8 is just R2’s biggest fan. I hope they go on adventures together. I would watch that TV show, actually.