The iPhone 8 Is On Sale In Australia Today

Image: Apple

If you were hanging out to upgrade from your current phone to the new iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, today's the day. Apple, Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile have all opened their doors to customers, and for the first time in years, stock levels seem to be pretty healthy.

If you're intending to duck down to the Apple Store to pick up the new iPhone, it's likely you won't have to wait or be disappointed by low stock levels: the lines we saw this morning just before the 8:00AM on-sale time at both Apple's flagship Australian store on George Street in Sydney, and Telstra's own store across the road, were extremely short.

We think it's likely that most buyers are hanging out for the $1579 or $1829 iPhone X, set to launch in Australia on November 3. Pre-orders for that phone will open up on October 27 at 5:01PM AEST. Telcos and Apple also have customer pre-orders to gauge interest as well as stock on hand in-store for walk-in sales. Gizmodo understands that pre-order levels were not high compared to the last few iPhone launches.

We've contacted the major telcos to get a running tally of stock levels throughout the day for both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in all colours, and we'll let you know the stats and if anything goes out of stock today. [Apple]


    first time in 4yrs I won't be upgrading... even the cheapy @ $1500 is obscene... I want the touch ID back... see too many issues with the face recognition coming up.

    Upgrading from a 6 to an 8, so first jump in 3 years. Should be enough of a leap to make things smoother so happy at that. Still feel that the plateau of phone evolution is enough to stop the constant upgrade cycle - Apple still behind the competition/

      How is Apple behind?

      All the benchmarks place it well ahead of the competition. If they are behind, they are doing something right.

      A Tom‘s Hardware test pitted the iPhone 8 against the latest Samsung phones. The iPhone did the CPU intensive task in 40 something seconds. The Samsung phones took 3 to 4 minutes.

      I would suggest the iPhone is well ahead of the competition.

      Last edited 22/09/17 11:52 am

        iPhone 8 is taking the piss

        it needed a better redesign

        even slightly smaller bezels

        they are using the same body for the last 4 years now

          So what if it has the same body?
          Should it be pyramid shaped just because?

          It is one of the best built phones on the market. Few complain about build quality.

          The iphone shape changes as it needs to. This year it didn’t need to.
          One day they will figure out how to put in the camera without a bump, and the form will change.

            Apple has all the money in the world and yet they cant change the design of the phone for how many years in a row now..... lazy design just rehash the same product and make its internals faster or more powerful and leave the exterior 99% the same. You made a few bold generalisations there buddy @ij the actual look of the phone is a HUGE attraction to most people when buying a phone i would assume. The Iphone X should be the actual Iphone 8 and 8 Plus.

            Because if it looked different, there would be plenty of people willing to pay for it, so other people knew they paid the money. I suppose the X is their status symbol phone this time around though.

          Slightly smaller? With those bezels and its water resistance, next time I go canoeing I can use it as a paddle.

        Oops, that should be Tom’s guide.

        The iPhone 8 is 3 to 4 times faster than the latest and greatest Samsung phone.
        Yep, well ahead of the competition.

        Not bad for a phone with the same form factor.
        I guess all that money is being spent on internal hardware. How dull.

    The iPhone 8 doesn't really impress me and my iPhone 6 still works well so I'll probably keep that.

    I dont know if anyone keeps numbers of campers out front of Apple stores, but today's seemed pretty low in recent memory.
    2 people yesterday
    6-8 people on TV this morning before doors opened.
    Maybe 10 people deep at 830

    I would like someone to tell me how this new phone will -
    Improve my phone call experience ( is it - clearer calls ) easier dialups etc.
    How my internet experience will be improved.
    How my movie experiences will be improved.
    How much extra time the battery will give over the present / previous models.
    If there isn't a meaningfull improvement then whats the point of an ( expensive ) change of model for Me, an average user.

    Good but safe release and design.
    I miss the industrial design that was the iPhone 5.

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