The iPhone 8 And iPhone X Really Are The World's Fastest Phones

The numbers don't lie: when it comes to raw performance, the new iPhone's A11 Bionic chip -- designed in-house by Apple, just like previous barnstomers like the A10X Fusion -- beats all competitors. No Android phone can come close, and even Apple's own MacBook Pro doesn't have the chops of the iPhone when it comes to bursts of pure speed.

Geekbench 4 tests from Tom's Guide show the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus outperforming every Android phone in synthetic test performance, and even beating out the 13-inch MacBook Pro, which uses a much more energy-intensive Core i5 processor.

You might want to take that with a massive grain of salt, but even Geekbench's founder John Poole told Tom's that the test is broadly comparable across platforms: "the short is answer is yes that the scores are comparable across platforms, so if an iPhone 8 scores higher than an i5, then the iPhone 8 is faster than the i5."

Geekbench tests burst performance over short periods of time, though, and Poole makes the point that laptops are better suited to longer periods of sustained full-power usage. Put simply, even the best smartphone processor can only run for so long -- they don't have the large batteries and superior cooling of a physically much larger laptop.

Phone versus phone, though, the iPhone obliterates any Android -- in the 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited benchmark for mobile devices, the iPhone's results nearly double that of the closest two Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 and OnePlus 5. [Tom's Guide]



    I'd be interested to see the results for the Note 8 / OnePlus 5 with the display resolution set to HD ready like the iphone (I know you can do this on Samsung not sure about the OnePlus).

    Not really a fair test when the Android is doing four times more work!

      That's an interesting point -- the iPhone 8 is 1334x750, and the iPhone 8 Plus is 1920x1080.

      In 'Performance Mode' (so full screen res, 2960x1440 + max brightness) my Note8 here scores 6827, not too far off the 6564 of the Tom's tests. At HD+ (1480x720) it scores 6822, so it seems like screen display res doesn't affect the results.

        Ah ok that's pretty interesting! Maybe the software is the limiting factor?

        Nice follow-up Campbell. Thanks! :)

          No worries! Happy to add something to the conversation.

            So do you think the X will be the same result as the 8 Plus even with the higher res screen?

    The iPhone 8 And iPhone X Really Are The World's Fastest Phones
    Umm actually Campbell, I believe you are incorrect.
    I believe a few Samsung's have reaches speeds much faster, around a split second after the initial explosion... some of the parts velocities would have way exceeded any apple device.

      This one flew over my head for a second.

        flew over your head for a second? how big was the explosion?

          They really are reaching new highs! Impressive!

    What is the actual real world difference. Does an app load 5ms or 5s faster. Does the camera capture pictures etc noticeably faster. Its great that "insert phone brand" is the fastest today but what actual difference does it make when using. I say this because my Nexus 5X is an older phone and it performs all of its function pretty well. I don't have any complaints with its speed etc.

      Good question. This can pretty much be said about day to day business applications and Intel i7's since Sandy Bridge... the difference is neglibeable.

      It probably doesn't mean much in everyday use right now, but it allows faster video/photo editing and other heavy jobs. But the big difference is for the longevity of the phone, Apple is usually great in this regard, 4-5 years down the track they are still running the latest hardware (usually need a new battery before then tho). In android world phones are often forgotten 2 years down the track.

    Still a piece of shit phone, they have features that they are saying are revolutionary where they've been around for 6 years. So what its faster whoopsy frigging doo. Next year there will Android phone that will be faster or it could be this year who knows. Apple will forever be 6 years behind Android.

    Honestly have not cared about phone peformance for a very long time.

    Only reason i'll upgrade is for better:
    - Camera, Storage, Battery, Features

    Modern phones these days can do pretty much everything you need to do unless you are interested in playing games

    When you need that porno to download and display thousandth of a second faster, you bet it makes a difference! Sure all the ads say Live Hot Streaming, but the iPhone 8 is gonna make it look like i have a real breathing woman next to me in bed! I joke but seriously, my Note 4 and iPhone 6 are going to do me as fine today as it will in the next 12 months when iPhone X2 comes out... the iPhone XXX though...

    Last edited 26/09/17 1:40 pm

    if you compare the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, then no doubt iPhone X is better with its modern look, better cameras, big screen but small form factor, OLED display, etc.

    Last edited 29/09/17 4:16 pm

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