The Honest Trailer For 'Wonder Woman' Is Also The Film's Most Accurate Review

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Video: Wonder Woman had a lot riding on it - and not just for die-hard Diana fans like myself. Luckily, the film was good. It was not perfect, however.

But as ScreenJunkies points out - that doesn't make it any less important.

This. All of this.


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    It could of been an awesome film but it was average at best.

      I think the problem the film has is that its associated with the disasters that came before it in the DC Film Universe. On its own merits this film is quite good but its brothers and sisters are dragging it down.

    It's funny, I walked out not understanding the hype.
    Was it the best DC film they've managed since Heath Ledger played the joker? Absolutely. Was Gal Gadot a great choice for the role? Absolutely.
    Did Wonder Woman have more soul to her than anyone else in this "universe"? Yup
    Was it long and drawn out trying to be bigger than it needed to be? Absolutely.
    Was the CGI worse than in Toby Maguire's spiderman? Sadly, also Absolutely.

    So much potential lost by not leaving more of the film on the cutting room floor.

    Hardly. It goes out of its way to not offend, completely ignoring the elephant in the room.

    The fact that Gal Gadot is a poor actor, and the movie was carried by the supporting cast.

      Really iJ ??? I thought Gadot fit the role perfectly and very much carried the movie by herself...I can hardly remember the supporting cast. The story line wasn't much but as a DC Comic movie it hands down beat the Batman v Superman fiasco. I look forward to her role continuing as she is far more believable than Affleck's batman and has a far greater screen presence.

        Really. She was the weakest part of the movie.

        The next movie will need some excellent actors to make up for her lack of talent.

    I liked it, even if it wasn't perfect. Preferred it to many of the Marvel movies.

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