The Galaxy Note8 Is Also On Sale Today

If your enthusiasm for today’s iPhone 8 launch is lacklustre, or maybe if you’re more of an Android fan, there’s another expensive bigphone launching today: the $1499 Samsung Galaxy Note8.

The Galaxy Note8 is available from all the major carriers, as well as outright, in Midnight Black and Maple Gold. Australia only gets the 64GB storage variant with 6GB of RAM. It’s $1499 everywhere you look, but if you pre-ordered you’d have got your hands on one of Samsung’s sweet wireless chargers.

The Note8’s simultaneous launch alongside the iPhone refresh today means that there’s only a couple more big phone launches before the year is out; next month’s iPhone X launch will probably be followed in short order — or maybe even preceded — by the Google Pixel 2, while LG’s V30 is still to be announced with a firm Aussie launch date. [Samsung]