The Final Inhumans Trailer Is Basically The Whole Pilot In Two Minutes

Video: Intrigued enough by Inhumans that you want to know what’s going on, yet worried by the less-than-stellar reactions to the first episode? Well, good news: The show now has the industry-mandated “here’s basically the whole story” trailer for you to watch instead!

Seriously, the latest and presumably final trailer for Inhumans is pretty much the plot of the opening to the series, condensed into a trailer format. In fact, it almost even seems to be in chronological order, too, charting the Inhumans’ happy life on Attilan to Maximus’ revolution and eventually to Black Bolt and the Inhuman royals fleeing to Hawaii. Everything’s there, right down to Medusa losing her unconvincing head of hair.

Which makes for a much stronger trailer than what we’ve been shown in the past, but seems like a weird choice to try and win people over to the show.

The trailer’s extended cut will air in the US this Friday, September 29, on ABC.