The 360-Degree GoPro Fusion Will Cost $1000 In Australia

Image: GoPro

GoPro's first all-in-one 360-degree camera — the 5.2K-recording Fusion — still doesn't have an Aussie release date. But we finally know how much it'll cost.

The Fusion just got its price tag for Aussie buyers — a cool $999.95. You do get a bunch of accessories with it, at least, like a Shorty-style extension pole and handgrip. You can also buy a 2-year extended warranty from GoPro — "you break it, we'll replace it" — for $199.

That's a lot of money, but there's no doubting that the Fusion is GoPro's most powerful camera; it can record 5.2K video (that's a massive 2880 pixels vertically, if you were interested — here's an example) and does smart stitching of that footage to cut out any extension poles or accessories you're using — just the world around you in some of the best quality 360-degree footage we've seen.

The Fusion is still "coming soon" for Australia, and is likely to land later this year. It'll join the equally new Hero6 Black.

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