Stranger Things Gets A Video Game(-Esque Season Recap)

Still: YouTube

The second season of Stranger Things comes out in exactly two months (hooray!), but some of us might need a refresher on what went down in the Upside Down. Luckily, Netflix is here to help people catch up — and dish out some high scores in the meantime.

Netflix has released a short season recap done in the style of a video game. Using footage from the show, it adds levels, inventory, and Bonus Points for Sass, as is required. It’s a fun way to remember a few of the key moments from the series (even if it’s something fans have been doing for months now):

Still, I can’t help but wonder if or when we’re actually going to get a good Stranger Things video game, and not just the Infinite Runner web browser thing Netflix gave us earlier this year. I would love an actual RPG where you play as the kids from Stranger Things, exploring all the mysteries of the Upside Down while still getting to be a kid in the ’80s. I mean, there’s the tabletop RPG Tales From The Loop (which we looked at recently), but dammit, I want to play as Eleven and lift Millennium Falcons with my mind.

Stranger Things returns on Halloween.

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