Star Trek: Discovery Teases A Theme Song That Makes Sweet Musical Love With The Original

Video: CBS continues to give little peeks at Star Trek: Discovery, its latest voyage to go where no one has gone before. The latest introduces the new main theme song… and luckily, there isn’t a single Enterprise electric guitar in sight.

Image: CBS

In CBS’ latest sneak peek, composer Jeff Russo, who previously did the theme for Legion, leads a 60-piece orchestra through recording the new theme for the series (bonus points for the engineer wearing Spock ears). The song starts much like Alexander Courage’s original Star Trek theme, with a soft, subtle crescendo of flutes and horns. Then it moves into what I call “Westworld in Space”, featuring a deep, dark cello and a frantic violin section.

That said, it’s actually really pretty, calling back to the traditional theme songs while also adding something that’s distinctly its own. And hey, at least it isn’t another John Mellencamp knock-off like what Enterprise went with.

Star Trek: Discovery debuts on Netflix September 24.