Sound The Alarm: Cheap Lego At Big W

Image: Lego

Find your wallet, and say sorry to it in advance.

Big W is clearing out a bunch of its Lego kits, and you -- yes, you -- can reap the benefits of that. If you want Lego, of course. But who doesn't?

Rartelif at OzBargain has a comprehensive list of the cheap Lego, although it might be hard to find any of the sets still in stock with prices this low -- especially if they're being scooped up by enterprising individuals keen to throw them on eBay for slightly higher prices to make a dollar or two.

There's a good haul of Lego Technics, Star Wars and City kits up for grabs, as well as a variety of other kits including some tie-ins for the Lego Batman Movie. My personal picks? The Resistance X-Wing Fighter, the AMG F1 team, and the stupid massive SHIELD Helicarrier. Thanks, rartelif! [OzBargain]

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    Please Big W, or any shop for that matter, get the new UCS falcon and have that cheap, well at least cheaper. I know it is awesome, and they will sell, but $1300.

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