Samsung’s Ultra-Ultra-Wide QLED Monitor Will Cost $2499 In Australia

Image: Samsung

You know that massive ultra-ultra-wide monitor that Samsung announced earlier this year? Yeah, it’s really really big. Yeah, it’s out soon in Australia. Yeah, it’s expensive.

The 32:9 Samsung CHG90 is twice as wide as a regular widescreen monitor, and at 49 inches diagonally, it’s stupid big. It’s realistically doing the work of two 27-inch 1920×1080 pixel monitors side-by-side, except without a black bar in the middle between the two: instead, it’s just uninterrupted screen real estate, 3840×1080 pixels of it.

It’s a 144Hz screen, too, which means both a smooth desktop experience and responsive gaming — as long as you have a graphics card that can push that many pixels. Then again, if you’re buying a monitor this expensive, you probably already do. You probably have two. Being a QLED panel it has excellent colour accuracy and vibrance, as well as impressively deep black levels.

If you’re crazy enough you can wall-mount the CHG90 — it’s VESA 100×100 compatible. The CHG90 also has two HDMI inputs, both of which can display a 1080p image side-by-side without any loss of image quality. It’ll be out in November in Harvey Norman and “selected retailers” — probably the ones with the floor space to show off a monitor that’s 1.2 metres wide, as wide as a 55-inch TV — for $2499. [Samsung]