Relive Some Of Gotham’s Craziest Moments From Its Thoroughly Crazy Third Season

Fox’s Gotham has officially flown over the Cuckoo’s Nest. In season 3 alone, we got chopped-off hands, a girl whose body aged a decade, not to mention that whole “wearing Jerome’s face” thing. io9’s latest video is a peek at the craziest moments in season three, just in time for Gotham‘s triumphant return Thursday.

Last season, Jim Gordon had to save Gotham City after the Court of Owls infected people with a rage-inducing virus, using blood from the Mad Hatter’s sister. Of course, that meant only the Mad Hatter’s blood could cure them. And how did Gordon procure some? By slicing open the Mad Hatter’s neck, and draining it into a mason jar — like you do! Man, do DC characters love their mason jars.

Oh, but that barely covers the blood and gore Gotham delivered last year. Gordon shot his ex-girlfriend’s husband, only for her to bury him alive. Tabitha got her hand chopped off. And let’s not forget when this guy cut off and wore Jerome’s face. If you’re wondering if Jerome was ok, don’t worry! He took it back, and stapled it on. Only for Gordon to literally punch it off.

But the violence wasn’t the only thing that was crazy. This was the year that Poison Ivy magically aged 10 years and immediately started seducing men. Even though she still had the mind of a child (Sidenote: ewwwwww). And yet, with all this going on, the craziest thing was last season was the show missing the chance to make Penguin and Riddler an actual couple. It almost happened, but then didn’t, for seemingly no reason other than the show not wanting to take the risk.

We can only hope that “Nygmobblepot” becomes a thing in Season 4. Sadly, that doesn’t seem too likely though, as one of them kinda froze the other. In any case, we’re sure to get another dose of crazy in Season 4 on September 21, with the return of Scarecrow and the arrival of Professor Pyg. It’s a mad, mad city all right. Welcome home.