On Star Trek Day, We Examine The Data

On Star Trek Day, We Examine The Data
Image: StarTrek.com

Today is Star Trek Day across the world — and even though it’s not as good as Star Wars or Stargate, we want to celebrate. And so, in true Gizmodo fashion, we’re celebrating with statistics.

Did you know, for example, that the 10 most popular episodes of Trek are all from Voyager? Endgame: Parts 1 & 2 are the most popular, but no other series even gets a look-in on that top 10 list. Season 4 and Season 1 get a good look-in, but the series finale stands out on top. Here’s that list, coming to us courtesy of Netflix:

  1. Endgame: Parts 1 & 2 – Voyager, 7×24
  2. Dark Frontier: Parts 1 & 2 – Voyager, 5×15
  3. Scorpion: Part 2 – Voyager, 4×1
  4. The Gift – Voyager, 4×2
  5. Scorpion: Part 1 – Voyager, 3×26
  6. The Cloud – Voyager, 1×5
  7. Phage – Voyager, 1×4
  8. Eye of the Needle – Voyager, 1×6
  9. Drone – Voyager, 5×2
  10. Year of Hell – Voyager, 4×9

Netflix has a bunch of data on its viewers’ watching habits, and it’s shared some with us on today’s auspicious occasion, which is also the 51st anniversary of the first screening of the first episode of TOS on NBS in the US. Interestingly, Voyager and Deep Space Nine fans are generally better return customers — they re-watch episodes a lot — while The Next Generation and The Original Series have larger viewer bases overall.

Netflix says that a full 12,000 Star Trek fans worldwide have spent 536 hours watching the show’s six different series on the streaming service. That’s 22 days of non-stop viewing. In Australia, Netflix has all those series as well as For The Love Of Spock.

Netflix says, each series has its merits. “Original Series debuted Klingons, TNG set the stage for DS9 and Voyager, DS9 took Star Trek into serialized territory, and Voyager had the first female captain.”

The newest series, Discovery, is coming out in Australia on September 25.

To celebrate, Netflix put together a bit of an infographic on the entire franchise’s most-watched episodes:

And, if you’re a super-fan, take this quiz and see how well you can answer:

On Star Trek Day, We Examine The Data

Disclosure: I wrote all of this without ever watching a single episode of Star Trek. And I only said Star Wars was better to piss you guys off. And someone else fed me the Data headline. I’m not sorry about any of this. — Cam