Kogan Mobile’s Plans Now Have More Data For The Same Price

Are you on Kogan Mobile, or thinking of switching? Good news: you just got more data for absolutely zero effort. Pat yourself on the back for that one.

This latest news is pretty straightforward — no pricing changes or any underhanded trickery, just more data. The cheapest Kogan Mobile plan used to cost you $16.90 monthly for 1GB of data — when you prepay for a year you’ll get it a bit cheaper, too — but now gives you 1.5GB. 5GB becomes 6GB for $29.90, 10GB becomes 11GB for $36.90, 14GB becomes 16GB for $49.90.

These plans are pretty decent, although it’s worth keeping in mind that Kogan Mobile is an ultra-budget telco — so don’t expect any of the hand-holding customer support that you might get with a larger or more popular carrier. Kogan Mobile runs on the Vodafone 4G network, so you should have decent coverage in just about any populated part of Australia. [Kogan Mobile]