iPhone X: Everything You Need To Know About Apple's Most Exciting Phone In Years

Image: Apple

It's official, Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone is finally here and it's called the iPhone X. Apple seems to be pulling out the big guns for this on, calling it the future of smartphones and even if you just go by looks alone, the iPhone X is taking Apple's handsets to a whole new level. Its bezels have basically have been eliminated, its screen is bigger and its even got a glass back, something we haven't seen since the iPhone 5s.

The iPhone X will be available in space grey and silver, and like previous iPhones, it's both dust and water resistant. The iPhone X even has a 15cm display that Apple is calling its Super Retina Display.

For those of you who don't often take a look outside of Cupertino's walled garden, the iPhone X not only improves on previous iPhones, it also closes the gap even further between Apple's phones and flagship Android devices thanks to new features such as wireless charging, facial recognition and a stunning OLED display.

After 10 years, the iPhone X is kicking off a whole new era for Apple devices.

Design: A massive screen and a return to glass

Sporting an OLED panel instead of an LCD like on previous Apple handsets, the iPhone X's Super Retina Display is not only super colourful, it also has great contrast and has a higher 2436 x 1125 resolution than ever before. Then there's the iPhone X's early bezel-less design, which lets Apple pack a high-res 15cm display into a body that's smaller and more compact than the 15cm iPhone 8.

Around the outside of the screen on what's left of the tiny bezels that Apple couldn't eliminate, are tiny black borders that helps blur where the screen ends and the rest of the phone begins. Some iPhone loyalists make take exception to the tiny cutout at the top of the screen where it bends around the X's earpiece, but I think it's a refreshing new design direction that simply lets the iPhone get the most out of its front real estate.

In back, the iPhone X also heralds the return of glass, which we haven't seen since the iPhone 5s.

Specs and features: Where's my home button?

On the performance side, Apple's new A11 Bionic chip could blow even the best Android phones out of the water thanks to a new six-core architecture that features two cores for heavy lifting, along with another four cores for improved energy efficiency. Then again, iPhones have never been a slouch in the speed department, so we'll need some in-depth hands-on time to see if the A11's increase in performance is actually noticeable.

Even the addition of wireless charging is a big deal. Not only is it the first time Apple has included it on an iPhone, it's a nod the the future and a boon to everyday usability. And with the success of Apple's AirPods, it's not inconceivable that an iPhone X could now go its entire lifetime without ever being plugged into to anything or having anything plugged into it. It also goes without saying that Apple didn't bring back the headphone jack, although the Lightning port can still be found down bottom.

By this point, some of you may be wondering where the Apple's traditional home button is. The answer is that it's gone, killed in part by the X's bezel-less design, which leaves no room for a TouchID sensor below the screen. But don't get too sad, because despite being the first iPhone without a home button, Apple has included new 3D facial recognition tech called FaceID which can unlock the phone just by seeing your face. And unlike similar setups on other phones, Apple's face-scanning tech uses multi-point infrared sensors to ensure that a simple photo of your face won't grant access to someone shady. in fact, Apple says there's just a 1-in-a-million chance that its FaceID sensor will be fooled by someone else mug, and the system is so smart, it can even tell when you are looking directly at it, or just in its direction.

Cameras: Apple's Dual Cameras Get Even Better

Around back, like the iPhone 8 Plus,the iPhone X will also sport dual rear cameras. This will allow for a true 2x optical zoom along with Apple's new beta Portrait Lighting photo mode, which creates a depth map to separate the subject from the background and then adjusts the lighting for between foreground and midground to get the best results, all in real time.

Animoji: WTF are these

Apparently old-school, non-moving emojis aren't good enough anymore, so Apple is upping its game with new animated emojis, or Animjois that will really bring your messages to life.

Price and availability

The only real questions now are how much will this thing cost and when will it be available? Stay tuned for more updates as Apple's iPhone event continues.



    Prices are up on the AU site.

    iPhone X - 64GB $1,579 and 256GB $1,829
    iPhone 8 Plus - 64GB $1,229 and 256GB $1,479
    iPhone 8 - 64GB $1,079 and 256GB $1,329

      oh wow, $1829!?
      I've had root canal done for less.


        Good tech costs money.

          Sure, good tech does. This is not good tech. Go and buy a five year old android phone with all these features for $1400 less. That's your price point for this level of technology.

            A Korean phone with similar features costs $1200 plus.

            The Chinese phones sold at post offices are not comparable.

    Okay I'll bite. Why is the iPhone x the future of smart phones? Can't be the bezel-less design because they've been out for a while now. Can't be the twin camera as they were out last year. Facial recognition isn't new either. I know, they must mean the price. That's futuristic as in only sometime in the future would people be happy paying that much money for a phone that is no better than any other top shelf phone. Brilliant Apple. I like the way you screw your customers to the hilt. Much impressed.

      Well said. For $1000 dollars less you can buy a phone with all the same features.
      Amoled screens have been out for 6 years, none of this new tech spin from apple.
      It will be interesting to see how this goes, they will sell but a large number of people are going to walk away for the Chinese alternatives that are 1k or more cheaper with more features.

        What's sadder is the iPhone 8 still hasn't got a 1080 screen. It is 2017 isn't it and not 2010

      Its lighter than the smaller 8, it has better battery life by 2 hours, the screen is "amazing" (their words), face ID will be the future of security for now but yeah that about it I think.

        The face id on my Surface Pro 4 is very good so I can get behind Apple adopting this, but revolutionary... Not really.

          but does your surface pro see you in the dark? NO! fooled by a photo? YES! works with face changes ? No. If you are not looking at it , will it unlock ? No...

          so apple got the idea used in movies since the 80s' and perfected it? wow.. but some people think they are stealing ideas from android ? where did android get it from? star trek?

            Actually my surface pro 4 does work in the dark, it hasn't been fooled by a photo of me yet (although videos show that it can), and luckily my face doesn't change very often (if it does i log in using either a pin code or my password and re-upload my brand new face).

            The issue i see is not with Apple and the iPhone it is the whole tech industry, including media, who go on and on about a rectangular slab of material with a screen on it. It gets better every release, faster, more space, better screen, 3D vibration magical [enter buzz words here] touch, super stabilisation photo camera magic blah blah.

            If we all just take a step back and look at what is actually being designed and delivered we would all calm down. It is a pretty amazing hand held computer that makes phone calls and allows all the young ones to take selfies and post junk on social media.

      I sat here thinking the exact same thing. Then I sat at my desk at work listening to people discuss it in the office, about how amazing and 'futuristic' it is... I get not everyone is tech savvy or inclined to look outside their preferred devices, but how anyone can sit here and tell me any of these features are revolutionary is ridiculous when in some cases they have been on other devices for years.

      you mean a phone that doesnt blow up? or a phone who's face recognition is the best in the world and isn't fooled by a mask of your face or a photo like samsung, has REAL VR use that doesnt fail or overheat your phone (most androids) you mean paying for something that really works out of the box, and features that are not half backed... those ... well no thanks... I will take the android army that fails every time!

        You do realise that exploding batteries have happened with iPhones and basically every other thing that has those kind of batteries in them. Yes iPhones work out the box as do every other phone but at least when we get updates, it doesn't brick the phone. We could go on all day playing tit for tat so it's pointless. You like iPhones, good for you. I'm not trying to change your opinion. It just makes us Android fans laugh when Apple releases features that we've had for ages. Also, remember that the iPhone screen and chip comes straight from Samsung. I don't see any iPhone parts in Samsung's.

          whats the a11 chip? the GPU, Apples.. and don't forget the ios... thats what makes alll the difference...

          It makes apple users laugh every time we see the same old trolling of an apple post of we at android land had this feature years ago, apple stealing android ideas, etc etc.. apple perfects what others try and fail at.

          Everyone forgets before iPhone, every phone out there had physical keys and was ass to use, then everyone copied apple... nothing said... slight imbalance , then again its like trying to debate football teams... POINT LESS !

          samsung is the only company I know that had a mass recall of exploding phones, time to turn off your RDF!

            Said like a true delusional ifan. Check your history mate as there were smart phones before iPhone. Yes on screen keyboard before Apple. Do some more research and you'll find the first iPhone was a POS that hardly did anything but yeah, whatever gets you to sleep at night.

            and apple had an antenna issue that resulted in the device dropping calls when held, the response from Apple, Jobs specifically... "don't hold it that way then". But it's the Church of Apple so everyone goes, "oh ok then Messiah" and goes about their day. At this point it feels like Samsung is pushing boundaries and Apple is screwing their loyalists, I've never thought about giving up on Macbooks because of MacOS but $3.5k for a new Macbookpro... GTFO. $1,600 for their baseline Iphonex, SMH then GTFO.

              don't buy it then... android fan tolling apple forums... its like 1982 all over again with atari and intellivsion.... move on

            Yes everyone copied iphone up until iphone 4. The iPhone 4 was great. After this they've lost their way and iphone copies android devices. IPhone 5 had a tiny screen while Android users were rocking big screens. That choice was so shortsighted and theyve been catching up ever since.

        I think you meant real AR because Samsung has the best mobile VR tech with the samsung gear. There is no VR on iphone.

      Because all phones pretty much copy the iPhone (hi Samsung).

        There was only one time that other phone companies followed Apple and it's iPhone and that was in design. Apple showed that you can have a functional unit and it could look good too. I applaud Apple for that but if you're looking for copying, well, Apple has copied from Android... Large screens, higher pixel count, drop down notifications, customisation, split screen, screen shot, maps and so on. Let's not go down this path because it's increasingly boring.

          I guess you forgot that Google changed Android when it saw the first iPhone and iOS.

          All modern smart phones start with the first iPhone.
          Just as all modern tablets start with the iPad.

          Apple got it right, and everyone else knew it.

            You do realise that the lg Prada was a touch screen smart phone that was released in 2006 and the iPhone was released in 2007. Oh and it was more functional than the iPhone.

              The Prada was a popular phone. I remember thinking how cool it was when I was rocking my Nokia 6230! Finally got my cool 'smartphone' in 2007 when the HTC Touch was released with Windows Mobile.

                The only reason i remembered the Prada is that i got one for my girlfriend as soon as it got released because i knew it was the way of the future. I was so into phones back them and i still am. I also bought the original note because i knew that's the way smartphones were heading (large screen). Everyone laughed saying the screen was way too big. Who's laughing now cause everyone's screens are large now. Don't like this skinny screen ratio that companies are releasing now. 16:9 ratio is the perfect ratio as far as I'm concerned.

              And who remembers that?

              Doing something just so you can say 'first' is meaningless.
              Just ask Samsung.

                I'm not the one saying Apple invented smart phones. I just corrected you because obviously you live in a fantasy world.

                  and you are in the trolling world... fishy fishy fishy...

                  I guess in you fantasy world you read what you want, instead of what's written.

                  Just being first is meaningless. Apple succeeded by creating a phone that was intuitive, and that people wanted to own, and use. Everyone saw it, and copied them.

                  Where is the Prada phone today?

            Apple got it right in some ways once, since then they've been playing catch up while Apple fanboys make big noise about little features. Like always this release is somewhat underwhelming, talking features Android, in some form of another had had for years. There's nothing new here, just what Apple is doing.
            The reason Google never had big announcements is because they tend to make lots of feature updates over the year because their apps aren't tied to the os.

            What is this dribble ? The Balckberry was around for YEARS before the IPhone. Psion for years before that.

      They've now done it with the iPhone and the Macbook. Looking at $4k for a decent spec Macbookpro... insanity. They still haven't updated the MacPro either, where has the innovation gone? If it weren't for MacOS I'd be clear of Apple for good. Did you hear that they no longer refer to their shops as "stores" they're now "town squares" .. I guess Church was taken? How are tech sites like Gizmodo still letting them get away with it without ripping them apart for lacklustre products and sky-high prices?

        Because Gizmodo are ifans. They knock anything concerning Android phones but don't say shit about Apple. Notice they never said anything about the iPhone 8 still not having a 1080 screen and the phone still costs over 1000. To find another phone that still isn't 1080, you'd be looking at cheap 200 dollar phones. Everyone else has been on 1080 or higher for the last 5 years.

      I just liken it to the high taxes on cigarettes, people keep paying as they have an addiction.

      it is simply because this is the type of writing that apple require in order to stay with the good books....

      cant be a tech website with shill promotion of apple products or heaven forbid you get removed from their PR lists.

        Yeah, that makes sense. Appease the god and he'll let you back in. What i found is sites like slasher do the usual speil of the new iPhones but keep it credible and the strange thing, the comments section is pretty arid (compared to this site) and what comments are up there are mostly negative.

        This is Gizmodo, mate.

        Apple didn't talk to us for *years* after the iPhone 4.

        We could not be any further from being shills for Apple.

    "also closes the gap even further between Apple's phones and flagship Android devices thanks to new features such as wireless charging, facial recognition and a stunning OLED display."
    As a writer for a techology news site, where have you been stuck all this time? North Korea or a cave? These things have been on for ages for android

      Umm that's exactly what the comment is saying... that the apple device is finally getting features that have been on android phones for years.

        They obviously didn't get the 1080 feature on the iPhone 8 screen. Very laughable considering its 2017. When was the last time Samsung had a phone that wasn't 1080 ?

          You don't even need 1080 on a screen that size.

            Er yes you do and really, in 2017 not even 1080. That's just bullshit. You can spin it any which way you want but it's still shit. That's like putting a 2mp camera on it and saying you don't really need any better but give us a thousand for it anyway.

            Last edited 13/09/17 8:08 pm

            so apple don't need basic industry standard in their devices?

              I've been using a 6s for two years and I've not once wish I had higher resolution. So, no.

              You don't need something just because everyone else as it, if what you have already is just fine.

                cars dont need airbags because i dont need them....you clearly dont understand what a standard is.

                  You clearly don't understand the difference between an important safety feature, and a slightly higher resolution which is almost imperceivable because the screen is so small.

          This Article is about iPhone X that has higher than 1080.

            Yes but i was responding to someone else. Context is a wonderful thing. Try it some time.

      Yeah that's what they're saying in that it is catching up to what Android is already doing, that's the point.

    Underwhelmed. The X has caught up to the s8 but costs a lot more.

    What is new?

      Because Samsung just copy Apple, and try to figure out where Apple will be. They do things just so they can claim being first. That takes absolutely no thought. And when it comes to batteries, ends up being very dangerous.

        So you're saying that it takes no thought with coming up with features first but it does take thought for Apple to copy them two years later. Yeah.

          It takes absolutely no thought to throw in facial recognition that doesn't work.
          Or rushing a product to market to be first, that then explodes.

          If Samsung had put some thought into these products, perhaps an extra two years, things would have been very different.

            For your other post "where is the prada now". Prada isn't a brand. LG made prada and LG is still alive and well. Maybe if you had any brains at all good realise this instead of making stupid comments.. Then you make another stupid comment (will your stupidity ever end), Samsung's feature isn't face recognition, it's an iris scanner. Two totally different things. Now I'm going to stop responding to you because i have serious doubts that you are fully with it mental wise. Maybe you should keep taking your medicine and go have a lie down. Maybe you're just a child who knows no better. Either way I'm bored talking to an imbecile.

    Wow. Is that it? Surviving on your name alone is not an effective business strategy. It will only pay the bills for a limited time...

      With the many millions of rabid Apple fans that will snap up anything Apple related I think the business will be fine for the next 1,000 years...

        Apple is smart. They know they have rabid fans and so they increase the price all the time and they'll keep doing it till they hit the customers ceiling. They're pushing the price boundary now but the fans will still go out and buy it. That just means next year Apple will charge even more and the next year even more. Expect iPhones to be over $2000 in two to three years time. I'd actually be interested to see how much it costs Apple to make the X. Historically Apple has always charged far more over what the phone costs them than what other companies put on top of their phones. Apple puts the least in them and charges the most. It's no wonder they're so rich but with rabid fans, its a given.

        Last edited 13/09/17 4:42 pm

      Never underestimate how many stupid people there are in the world.

    Can someone explain if the Face ID thing requires you to squarely line your face up with the screen/camera? My previous phone (Samsung) had the ability to unlock this way, but I found it annoying after a short period because I couldn't just glance down at it, I had to get the alignment of camera and face just right.

    These days I'm using the Huawei Mate 9 with the fingerprint sensor on the back and I swear I'm going to hate my next phone if it doesn't have this feature! Best way to unlock a phone, period. Your finger just naturally moves onto the sensor as you pull the phone out of your pocket and voila.

      Watch that part of the keynote it's pretty interesting, as long as it can see you face and your face is "active" it will work even in the dark.

      The amount of sensors they have used is impressive. No one is saying apple is/was first, but like touch id this way of doing it may soon become standard.

      The way I see it is if bezels annoy you [which they don't for me] and you want an OLED screen this is the iPhone for you. Otherwise apart from said bezels and lower resolution the iPhone 8 Plus has everything the X has, incuding portrait mode.

        Would people of darker skin have issues at night unlocking?

          Again watch the keynote, but they would have tested that.

        Lower resolution, you're not joking. It's not even 1080 and they want what, over a thousand. Get out of here

          his Article is about iPhone X that has higher than 1080.

            I was commenting about your comment of the lower resolution on the iPhone 8 plus. I didn't see the plus and thought you meant the 8 which has lower resolution again.

    ...are tiny black borders that helps blur where the screen ends and the rest of the phone begins.

    "Blur" as in clearly mark where the screen ends?

    Why should people give all their biometric data to these tech companies? I will try to not buy a phone with facial recognition. But if I have to, I will definitely disable the future.

      They made it clear that the data is only held on device, not sent to Apple.

        This doesn't mean that data is not transferable! They can use your data whenever is required.

        Then 2 months after release they 'update terms of service' (which no-one reads and just hits Agree') to include upload of biometric data. Hahaha!

      But if I have to, I will definitely disable the future.
      and disabling the future is exactly what you'll be doing.

      please read all the info before making your self look silly !

      that was my concern too. Remember Minority Report and the targeted advertising using FR? No thanks.

        Google has been targeting it's customers for years with personalised ads. They have your credit card, your contacts, your schedules, your life, your education, your interests and all your purchases. They know who you are entirely and can track you anywhere. Having a face is tiny in comparison.

      Even if the biometric data (a picture of your face) was going to Apple - so what? It is no different to someone posting a picture of you on Facebook or Instagram - except Apple don't sell personal information unlike the others.

    to everyone who buys an iPhone 8... so you didn't get the iPhone X. :)

    I don't know what you are all so surprised about....this is what Apple does. They are marketing geniuses!
    They take all the technology that already exists in the world, change it and make it a bit more simple and useable for people that don't care much about the latest tech, put it all together and present it to the world as a revolutionary product!

    Ps. personally I think the new iphone is ugly :) (especially the cut out at the top. What use is that little bit of extra screen anyway!)

      Indeed. They used to do that well. Not so much since Cook comes in.
      The magic is lost forever with Jobs..

      Unlike Samsung who just add stuff to claim being first.
      Who cares if it doesnt work, or if it causes fires?
      At least it was there before Apple used it.

      I know. Those little bits of screen on the side are totally pointless. It's a design disaster.

    It is always give me a laugh when reading comments about iPhone is expensive, using technology that has been used on other phone for years, or you can buy the phone with all that for less... But do you know, what other phones don't have? The answer is very simple iOS. You might love it or hate it, that is your choice but for people who choose to use iOS, those features and technologies are new to them and it worth every penny they spend to use it. It is their money and their decision to make. If you don't like it don't buy it. Stop running on every single forum, blog... to whine about it.

    It is "revolutionary product" because it is first iPhone product to has those features and technologies so get over it.

      It is always give me a laugh when reading comments about iPhone being "revolutionary product" merely because it is first iPhone product to has those features and technologies despite them being used in other devices for long time.

        It's revolutionary in the sense that it actually works, and easy to use, and isn't some silly gimmick.

    The APPLE iPhone will outsell every other brand ! Fact!

    The APPLE iPhone is more intuitive and better designed and people prefer it over anything else in the smart phone market! FACT!

    These are facts from the ground of people who sell these things for a living and do market surveys.

    the small monitory of tech nerds ranting, doesn't make it so.

      I generally agree. The people have generally spoken. I wonder though how much being invested in an ecosystem, or the comfort of knowing the software etc stops people from changing to a different device.

      No one can deny that Apple makes a good product. I am not an Apple fan, i was one of the 100 people that bought a windows phone. But apple make a well designed, easy to use product for the masses. They won the market share when they produced the first iPod and iphone at which point every other company has been playing catch up.

      That's because it's a collective of easily manipulated consumers... it's recognisable, your best friend has one, your neighbour has one, we can all go to the "town square" to meet with other zealots and talk about how our glowing rectangle is better than other peoples because it has an apple on it... Anyone that can actually think for themselves and form a decision solely on what they need would and does opt for different brands, cheap brands too. Apple doesn't sell phones, it sells an experience and a membership to the church of Apple. People would buy an Apple toilet seat for $2k if it had a glowing apple on it. FACT.

        What total rubbish. I have an Phone and never talk to iPhone owners about how my phone is better than others. I use it as part of an integrated system - iMacs, Apple TV and iOS - which all work well together. Your condescending comments about 100s of millions of people who own iPhones are frankly obnoxious. Just because someone makes a different decision to you doesn't make them ill informed or wrong.

      The APPLE iPhone will outsell every other brand ! Fact!
      That's not a fact. Apple don't outsell Samsung. Samsung sell roughly 90 million more phones per year than Apple. I think 2016 figures were 300 million Samsung handsets to 210 million Apple handsets.
      I personally think Samsungs are also expensive for what you get so I use my cheap Xiaomi.

        post your sales stats then ? false !

        apple make more sales profit than any one else.

        little 100 dollar crap phones from samsung don't count in raw sales of numbers.

        Last edited 14/09/17 9:48 am

          See "Table 2"


          When you realise I proved your statement wrong, you come back and say "$100 crap phones dont count"

          fem_shep @fem_shep
          Sep 13, 2017, 3:49pm
          The APPLE iPhone will outsell every other brand ! Fact!

          Samsung has topped the list for as long as I could be bothered to look back (2012)

          Perhaps in future do a little fact checking before claiming something is "FACT" when it's not.

          how's the egg on your face?

          How old are you? 12? judging by your comments - thats at the eldest too.

          apple make more sales profit than any one else

          Because they charge a crazy amount compared to how much it costs to make. That's not something to be proud of..

      Too bad buddy, you're wrong and if you want to talk Apple against Android, then Android shits on Apple. So therefore the majority of the world chooses Android phones over Apple phones and it's been that way from the start.

      Last edited 14/09/17 9:27 am

        hahaha, have you noticed how gay_shep downvotes everyone who disagrees?

        Must be head to toe in lotion from all those burns

    I think it's best use is demonstrated in the top image: A huge hat for Tim Cook.

    Man, it smells like a dick measuring competition in here.

      Have you been to so many dick measuring competitions you know the smell?

      The thing i don't get is why the F$#K people care so much about what phone someone else is using or what they paid for it. I feel like i'm in primary school all over again.

    When I went from my Galaxy S3 to an S6 I didn't think, "wow, gee wizz this screen is good!" I'd seriously rather have the same phone with a 720p screen and save some battery life. Depends what you use it for though I guess (and I tend to look at my phone as little as possible).

    I'd also rather a 2 mega pixel camera with a good lens, rendering and dynamic range than a 40MP camera with rubbish though.

    Specs aren't everything, something a lot of Android users need to learn (and I am an Android user myself with no intent to change).

      If you're not fussy 720 will do but you can definitely see the difference between 720 and 1080. After that it gets harder to tell, granted. As for phones, yes mega mega mega pixel cameras aren't necessary and only makes the file size too big. I'm surprised some companies have gone back to 12mp camera instead of 20mp or higher but I'm glad for it.

    We need to get used to the reality that New iphones are no longer "Exciting" just incremental improvements.

    Every time there is a new iPhone release, why oh why do we get the majority of posts bagging Apple and bashing the iPhone.

    We get it. You don't like it, you won't buy it, it's shit.

    As an adult I cannot comprehend why anyone's choice of consumer electronics offends people so much.

    If you feel the that you have to be so negative about someone's choice of phone, go ahead, but maybe think about it for a second and realise it makes no friggin difference to you.

    Maybe in the future we will all have android phones and then we will have world peace, won't that be nice.

    Last edited 14/09/17 11:48 am

    hahaha look at the prices.
    Overpriced Apple as usual. I can buy one but why would you pay so much when you can get anawesome gaming rig or something else worth the money?

    $1829 for a smart phone? really?

    people, apparently your shitty sub $1000 phones are not good enough anymore and now you should pay almost double. you go apple!

    Introduction the iPhone retro !!!!!
    All of our competitors the 3 ~ 4 year old technology for double the price

    truly, magical

    The only thing everyone wants to know.... Will it blend?

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