Incredible Footage Of A Drone Racing Up A Mountain Had Me Reaching For A Seatbelt

Remember the RC toys you had as a kid? The ones you would lose control of when they went out of range 15m away? Gabriel Kocher’s custom-built camera drone has a range of almost two miles, allowing him to pilot it to the top of a mountain and capture exhilarating footage along the way.

This Footage From A Drone Buzzing A Cargo Train Turned My Stomach Inside Out

Video. Your childhood fantasies of soaring through the air like Iron Man or Superman will seem far less fantastic after this sobering first-person footage of a drone racing alongside a moving cargo train reveals just how terrifying (and slightly nauseating) it would be to actually fly.

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Yesterday’s drone’s eye view of a cargo train might have left you feeling a bit queasy, but this short film, Elevations, will have you strapping in and looking for an even larger screen to watch it on.

And if you’ve ever wondered what the pilot actually sees during a flight like this, Kocher has posted that footage as well, which makes his piloting skills seem all the more impressive.