Hydroplaning: No Good, Very Bad

Hydroplaning: No Good, Very Bad

Let’s get this out of the way first: the driver survived the crash.

Image credit: Derbys Roads Police/Twitter

Rainy conditions are nobody’s friend when it comes to driving, and this Toyota MR2 wrapped around a lamppost is the latest victim of slick conditions. The driver “hit standing water and careered into a lamppost,” according to local outlet the Derby Telegraph in the UK. Fortunately, the driver only sustained “minor injuries.”

Taking to Twitter, Derbyshire police tweeted a picture the poor Toyota wrapped around a light pole with the request, “Drive to the conditions.”

They tweeted that the driver was “lucky to escape.” Lucky may be an understatement because this could have ended with the driver being reduced to a mere memory. Police and the fire department were called to the scene to investigate the crash.

It’s unclear whether excessive speed was a factor here. But let this serve as a reminder to all of you out there: when it rains, slow down! You just simply don’t have the same amount of grip as you would in dry conditions.