How ‘Escape Rooms’ Are Supporting Mental Health

How ‘Escape Rooms’ Are Supporting Mental Health
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If you visit an Escape Room this week, make sure it’s one that’s signed up to “Escape Week” – where 20 per cent of all profits will go to The Black Dog Institute.

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First up, you know what an Escape Room is, right? No? Well, here’s a refresher:

Please ignore how bad I was at this room.

But look, basically, escape rooms are a fun and interactive team game where you are placed in a specially designed room and have to use the items and information you find to solve a series of unique puzzles.

Each time you solve a puzzle you’ll be given additional information for the next puzzle, and so on. Rooms often have a specific theme or story line unique to that room.

Complete the room with your team before the time runs out to be successful!

Escape rooms have been in Australia for about three years, and there are now over 200 escape room games
in the country spread across 80 locations.

When talking about Escape Week, the group said it wanted to support a charity that has an impact on its customers.

“Mental illness affects one in five Australians and The Black Dog Institute is dedicated to understanding, preventing and treating mental illness.”

“An escape room is a great activity for people to do with their friends, family and colleagues. It’s an opportunity to work as a team away from phones and social media, a chance for people to get out of their heads and have some fun.”

To find out where there’s a participating Escape Room near you, check here.