Here’s Our New Look At Lara Croft

Here’s Our New Look At Lara Croft

Video: We’ve gotten the first poster and trailer tease for the Tomb Raider reboot, starring Alicia Vikander as the new Lara Croft.

Image: MGM/Warner Bros.

AU Note: I’ve removed references to Alicia Vikander’s body in this article, and apologise unreservedly. Although Beth’s intention was to point out a potentially dodgy photoshop, body shaming is never okay. – Rae

The official trailer arrives tomorrow, but the tease gives us a taste of what Vikander’s Croft is going to be up to, and it looks like shenanigans. Based on 2013’s more realistic Tomb Raider game, and not the original series that led to a two-film franchise starring Angelina Jolie, the new movie looks like it’s going to be a survival tale with just enough traps and tricks to keep original fans entertained.

Tomb Raider arrives March 2018.