Here Is Proof That You Should Never, Ever Challenge Pennywise To A Dance-Off

In the new It movie, Pennywise the Dancing Clown is a terrifying, sewer-dwelling killer who turns your worst fears against you. He is also, as his name suggests, capable of absolutely ripping up the dance floor no matter what song is playing, as a hilarious new Twitter account demonstrates.

Image: Warner Bros.

It's called Pennywise Dancing and it is literally just tweet after tweet of that scene where the maniacal clown performs before a horrified Beverly — except with pop hits substituted in for the movie's music.

We've had a lot of Pennywise memes appear since It became a box-office sensation, but this just might be our favourite. Somehow, probably due to some kind of black magic, every song fits perfectly with his moves. And some of the songs make the scene even scarier. Like, for instance...

Here are a few more, including one in slow motion, in case you were thinking a dance-off might be your ticket to freedom from Pennywise's clutches. (You'd be wrong. Dead wrong.)

[The Wrap]

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