Hacking Together A Landspeeder And A Crazy Cart Creates The Best Star Wars Toy Ever

Video: With a top speed of just 8km/h, Radio Flyer’s ride-on Landspeeder toy doesn’t provide much of a thrill for adults. But when you hack it apart and then rebuild it with one of Razor’s high-speed Crazy Carts, suddenly you’ve got a great reason to buy some more Star Wars toys.

I Sure Hope This Adorable Kid-Sized Landspeeder Can Hold A 82kg Adult

It's time to dig out and update the ol' "why wasn't this available when I was a kid?!' list because buried in the Comic-Con news dump was this fantastic drivable X-34 Landspeeder from Radio Flyer that lets a pair of kids zoom across the sands at a blistering 8km/h.

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This fun hack comes courtesy of Adam Woodworth, who’s better known for his custom flying RC toys. His Crazy Cart Landspeeder will never get off the ground (at least intentionally), but the fact that you actually get to pilot this craft around empty car parks makes us all the more envious of Adam’s latest creation.


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