GoPro Hero6 Black: Australian Price & Release Date

Overnight, GoPro announced a new top camera in its Hero line-up: the Hero6 Black, built around a new custom-designed processor and with the ability to shoot 4K video at 60fps, as well as 1080p super-slow-mo. Here's how much it'll cost, and when you can buy it in Australia.

The Hero6 Black sounds pretty damn impressive: its super-powered processor handles 4K video at 60 frames per second, and 1080p video at up to 240fps. That means great things for any hardcore video editors: if you're exporting at 24p, you'll be able to slow 4K footage down to 40 per cent of its original speed, or 1080p down to 10 per cent, and still have it look perfectly smooth.

It also has the most advanced digital (not optical) image stabilisation of any GoPro, and better dynamic range and low-light performance. Otherwise the design is identical to the Hero5 Black, and that makes sense -- that camera hooks into the Karma Grip and Karma drone through its USB-C port.

The Hero6 Black will cost $749.95 in Australia. GoPro also offers 2-year extended warranty -- "you break it, we'll replace it" -- for $149. It's out now through the website and should start filtering through to retail stores like JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman soon.

GoPro also has a few new accessories to go along with the Hero6 Black -- a new tripod-handle-extension pole called the Shorty for $59.95, a $39.95 floating Handler hand grip, and a $39.95 floaty Bite mount for divers and snorkellers. [GoPro]

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    Sounds like a great camera, battery life has always been the bugbear in every gopro i've owned. Also may want to edit your article "The Hero5 Black will cost $749.95 in Australia" ???

      Already updated, ta! I'll be asking GoPro about battery life today.

        Could you please also check if it uses the same batteries as the H5B?

          I bought the hero 6 over the weekend. it does use the same batteries as the hero 5

    The US RRP is $499.99, that's about $637.39 in AUD certainly a lot lower than $749.95, could you please ask GoPro why there is a such a big price discrepancy?

      $700 after GST is added... But yeah there’s still a discrepancy.

    So let me get this right, I paid $470au for the GoPro hero 5 black and the new GoPro Hero 6 is $750au. By my calculations thats an increase of $280!!!!!!!!! And you don't think its worth pointing out the absolutely ridiculous increase in price for a camera that they didn't even bother to fix up the atrocious audio problem. Yeah I can just see this rushing off the shelves. I hope they go broke!

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