Google Assistant Will (Soon, Hopefully, Eventually) Work With Other Apps

As of today, Google has launched Actions on Google for the Australian version of Google Assistant... and what that actually means is that one day soon, you might be able to 'OK Google' your way into more of the different apps and services on the Google Home that you use every day.

There isn't any big news for Android owners and Google Assistant on iPhone users from this particular announcement, but it's good news in the long run for Google's smart AI assistant ecosystem. The Google Assistant is better than Apple's Siri in a few key ways, and one of those ways is how it's able to interact with different apps.

My Google Home gets its most use switching on and off my Philips Hue lights, for example — and I can see myself using it a lot more with other apps in the future. You can already switch inputs and bring up YouTube or Netflix on any TV you have a Chromecast connected to, for example — but I'm keen to be able to use all the apps that I have on my phone.

Imagine this scenario: "OK Google, talk to Crust Pizza. I want to order one large Peri-Peri pizza, delivery. Thanks!" Then, in Google's vision of how Actions work, a steaming hot pizza turns up on my doorstep a few minutes later. Yes please. [Google]

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