Fujifilm’s New App Will Offload RAW Batch Conversion To Your Camera’s CPU

Image: Fujifilm (YouTube)

Canon and Nikon have a tendency to dominate the news with lenses and bodies. Fujifilm wants to capture your attention with something different — software. And cool software at that. Starting from November this year, select Fujifilm cameras, in combination with a special desktop application, will be able to convert RAW images using the camera’s internal hardware.

When you think about it, it makes sense. If your camera has dedicated electronics for converting RAW images to other formats while shooting, why not make use of it at the post-production step too?

Sure, computers are pretty powerful these days, including notebooks, but there are situations where you might want to offload processing to your DSLR, which previously would be sitting idle.

The program will be called “Fujifilm X RAW Studio” and it’s designed to work with a range of the company’s shooters featuring its “X Processor Pro”, including the X100F, X-T2 and GFX 50S. They’ll need updated firmware, which will be released incrementally, starting from late November 2017 with the GFX 50S and X-T2.

Mac users will get the app first, again in November, with the Windows version arriving in January next year.

It’s hard to say how useful it’ll be in the long run, but at the very least it’s innovative.

[Fujifilm, via PetaPixel]