Five Affordable Alternatives To The iPhone 8 And Samsung Galaxy Note8

Five Affordable Alternatives To The iPhone 8 And Samsung Galaxy Note8
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If the rumour mill is correct, we could be looking at a $1500 price tag on Apple’s new iPhone when it hits stores in a few weeks. And it won’t be alone; Samsung’s new Note 8 also launches with a $1,499 RRP towards the end of the month.

But you don’t have to spend $1500 on a new phone, of course. There are loads of great options for half the price or less. We’ve also included a selection of mobile plans for each option!

As you’re looking through these plans keep in mind that Galaxy Note8 plans start from about $80 – $90 per month, and that this is the best guide we have for what iPhone 8 plans will cost as well.

Oppo R9s

Released at the start of the year, the Oppo R9s is a great example of a phone that is up to the title of iPhone alternative. It’s an extremely capable phone, with great battery life, 64GB of storage and a decent camera. Oppo’s Android launcher could also be generously described as iOS-esque, though the similarities are probably enough to inspire a lawsuit, if Apple were inclined.

It hit stores with a $598 price tag, but you can easily save $100 or more if you bought it outright today. And, as you can see above, you can get it for $0 per month on just about any phone plan.

Samsung A5 (2017)

If you prefer the Samsung brand, you can still save a bunch of money by choosing an A-series phone rather than a Note. With a $598 RRP, it is less than half the price of a Note8, but it is far more than half the phone. It has 16-megapixel cameras on the front and back, it’s IP68 water and dust resistant, and it comes with 32GB of storage.

Unlike many cheaper phones, the A5 is ranged by almost all of the providers who offer phones, so you get your pick of the plans.


HTC has had a tough couple of years, and while it sucks to say it, this is a good thing for you. The U11 is the best phone HTC has made in several years, and it has one of the best cameras of the year. But with the HTC brand having lost favour, the U11 is considerably cheaper than similar phones.

Huawei P10

There’s a reason why Huawei is the number 3 smartphone brand in the world. The P10 is its best, with dual rear-facing cameras, 64GB storage, and solid performance and battery life. It’s a shame that it isn’t water resistant, and we don’t love Huawei’s EMUI Android skin, but it is great bang for your buck.

iPhone SE 128GB

Like fighting fire with fire. If you want a phone running iOS, but you’d like to save a bit of money each month for brunch and booze, the iPhone SE is always a solid choice. Even if you choose the 128GB storage variant, you will still cut your phone bill in half.

Joe Hanlon is Publisher at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website. He’s been writing about phones and plans for far too long.