Celebrate The Best Incest On Game Of Thrones With This Official T-Shirt

The look of the Lannisters after discovering they’d fallen to second place. Image: HBO.

Aw yeah. Also, gross.

Knowing that their biggest hit has only a limited time left on this earth, HBO has been hard at work trying to mine every episode of Game of Thrones for all the gold coins it’s worth. Case in point, every single episode of season seven has received multiple pieces of merchandise, some all right, some terrible, all made available immediately after said episode airs.

Last Sunday’s finale was no different, of course, and includes this T-shirt, commemorating Westeros’ newest power couple, and their romantic, unknowingly incestuous trip to Bonetown:

Oh, you could pretend it’s just a shirt representing the alliance between the Wolf and the Dragon, to which I would respond: Yeah, a naked alliance. Note how the Stark sigil lies breathlessly on top of the Targaryen dragon. Remind you of anything?

Screencap via YouTube. Image: HBO.

Screencap via YouTube. Image: HBO.

Honestly, putting the two sigils together makes for a really cool design, but it’s hard not to look at it and immediately be reminded that the wolf is the dragon’s nephew. Still, this would make a great gift for those fans who are happy that Ice and Fire finally got it on or people just hoping to shatter the taboo of romantic aunt/nephew relationships.