Bose's Newest Speaker Is Its Smallest And Most Rugged Yet

The SoundLink Micro is another portable Bose speaker in the vein of the SoundLink Colour, a bright and sturdy Bluetooth unit designed for young urban go-getter types to take with them on their jaunty weekend hikes and trips to the beach. It promises serious toughness wherever you use it — the bath, the pool, the deep blue sea — and Bose says it sounds good despite its pint-sized nature.

The $169.95 SoundLink Micro from Bose, which you can get in black or orange or dark blue, measures 95x95x38mm and weighs just 290g. It's small, and it's light, but Bose also says that it's unmatched in its size class for outright sound quality. That might be why it only has a middling six hours of battery life, but again, we're talking "surprisingly loud and clear" with "low bass" according to Bose's claims here.

That's achieved through a new custom-built speaker driver and two passive radiators, which are generally used in smaller, more volume-constrained speakers to produce lower bass response by vibrating at a lower resonance frequency than the sound the speaker driver itself is creating. Most of the internals of the SoundLink Micro, though, are taken up by a lithium-ion battery that's good for six hours of playback. There's also an internal mic that allows for speakerphone duties, and the buttons on top let you receive or make calls.

That same button also triggers the Google Assistant or Siri, too, so you can use the SoundLink Micro — when connected to your phone via Bluetooth, unlike the wi-fi of the Google Home — to check on your calendar or the weather or find the answer to a trivia question. Beyond that, the Bose Connect app lets you do what all these little speakers do, and hook up a second or third or more-th SoundLink speaker for stereo or multiple-speaker playback simultaneously. [Bose]

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