Blade Runner 2049 International Posters Give A Good Look At The Main Cast

All Images: Warner Bros.

We’re only weeks away from the October 6 premiere of the long-awaited Blade Runner sequel. Get a good look at the main cast with these international posters.

These come via, and show off all of the new film’s major players with an intimate, albeit airbrushed, look. I dig the amount of character put into these images — most of them have a quiet dynamism to them, from Harrison Ford’s lurching scowl as Deckard (is anyone as good at being old and pissed about it as Harrison Ford?) to Dave Bautista’s uneasy stare into the distance as Sapper Morton. You can do a lot with good staging and an effective, well-shot set of publicity photos, apparently.

I wish these posters were less heavy on the cliche blue and orange treatment, but we can’t have everything we want.

I’ve attached a few of my favourite posters below, and you can click through to Screen Crush for a nice gallery of all of them.

[, via Screen Crush]