Batman Uses His Clown Fighting Experience On Pennywise In Masterful Fan Trailer

Video: Batman isn't a stranger to clown problems. If you want anyone on your side when the inevitable clown apocalypse rains down from the heavens in garish rainbows, it's ol' Bruce Wayne.

Image: YouTube

This masterfully edited fan trailer, courtesy of YouTube channel Adeel of Steel, shows exactly why. Using footage from Batman v Superman spliced with 2017's It, it makes a pretty clear argument that Batman is the man to take on Stephen King's trans-dimensional clown horror. To wit, Bruce even has the childhood trauma to attract the monster.

I especially like the touch of recasting Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor as a raving, clown-fearing lunatic here. Y'know, as opposed to a raving, alien-fearing lunatic. I'm sitting here imagining a whole continuity of Lex Luthor plotting and scheming against a supernatural clown now. Whatever timeline that is, I'd like to visit.

You can watch the video below.


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