Apple Watch Series 3: Australian Price & Release Date

Apple just introduced a new Watch -- the Series 3 -- and its crowning feature is built-in 4G connectivity, so you can use it away from your phone. And good news: we're getting it in Australia, on our major telco networks.

Optus, Telstra and Vodafone have been confirmed as launch partners for the 4G-connected Apple Watch Series 3. Apparently there are launch offers on the way from each, too. The Apple Watch Series 3 only has an eSIM rather than a traditional hardware nanoSIM and SIM tray, which means that Australia's network carriers are going to have to change their infrastructure to suit.

The Series 3 comes in silver, space grey and gold aluminium finishes as well as silver and space black stainless steel -- those cases are slightly heavier, so the aluminium is a smarter choice if you're exercising regularly. Like the last Watch it's water resistant but this one's faster and supports Siri voice.

The Apple Watch Series 3 will start from $459 for the 38mm aluminium GPS version and $499 for the 42mm. The GPS + cellular Apple Watch Series 3 will be $559 and $599 for 38mm and 42mm respectively. You can only buy the stainless steel case in GPS + cellular for $849 in 38mm and $919 in 42mm.

When can you buy it? Here's the release date for the new Watch, straight from Apple:

"Customers will be able to order Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) beginning Friday September 15, with availability beginning Friday September 22 in Australia." The Apple Watch Nike+ will be out on October 5.

There's also new Watch bands available now.

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    Surprised you guys didn't know eSim wasn't already on its way. This has been known for a while with recent announcement of the New Surface Pro Lte edition sporting an eSim when it launches shortly. It would make sense carriers were already prepared for other devices and not just changing for the watch.

      We've known about eSIM for a while, don't worry. All indications I heard up until today were January though, which is why the imminent release date is interesting - I genuinely didn't think the infrastructure was ready at all three telcos.

      It might not be.

        Vodafone is NOT a launch partner for the Apple Watch with Cellular. The slide Apple showed before the one you captured only lists Telstra and Optus as launch day carriers. Vodafone was described as 'coming later in the year.'

    Is it weird that this is what I am actually most excited about from the announcements?

    I've already cut my phone right back to using it purely for calls, texts, maps and music which theoretically this can do all of those on it's own.

    Could the future actually be phoneless? ;) (Answer is no because of the overwhelming self absorbed nature of people's need to take selfies and share it with people who don't care.)

      No - it has to pair with the iPhone number, it will work on its own after that when needed.

      I'm in for this too.

      Phones have always been a convenient multi-purpose tool that we could easily add new features too, but as with anything 'multipurpose' I don't think they are the best at each thing individually. I think there are better solutions to a lot of the stuff they do. Especially the kind of solutions that keep us 'in the moment' and the real world, while still giving us the connectivity and features we crave.

      I really think that phones (and apps!) should be on the way out and replaced with new technology & paradigms. The Watch may not be that, but it's a step in the right direction.

      You're being unkind. It's not all selfies.

      I mean how is anyone supposed to eat lunch without a picture of it?

      You want people to starve?

    Carrier activation needed for this eSIM?

      Still all TBD in Australia - none or the carriers have discussed eSIM for a while. I'm asking. Vodafone has offered add-on smartwatch data SIMs for the Huawei Watch 2 for $10 a month for a while, so expect around that price I'd say.

        I'm on the Vodafone network through Kogan, will I need to transfer everything and deal directly with Telstra/Optus/Vodafone or will being on the Vodafone network (through a 3rd party) be enough?

        Apples website says you need to be with the same carrier, and I am, kind of...

    Optus and Telstra will have them at launch but I don't think Vodafone has announced when they will have them available to customers.

    @campbellsimpson to the point of replacing a phone with the Watch could you please consider this when finding out SIM plan details and reviewing it? Obviously an iPhone 6 or greater and a phone SIM plan are required to use it, but to what extent past the initial setup and what kind of SIM plans will be available for people who won't actually be using the phone SIM?

    I realise this will be a small niche but if you could spend a couple of minutes considering it while researching with Optus/Telstra/Vodafone and reviewing the Watch that would be awesome. Thanks.

    does anyone know if the Nike watch will be available for pre-order on 15th September given later availability date?

    Clearly the carrier cost is going to be significant.

    I'm looking to replace my Series 1 (which is great but I think I've drowned it and it's not wanting me to do that again.)

    The ability to operate independently would be very useful when swimming or exercising etc.

    Also when I tell people about the watch they always ask: "Can you make phone calls?" then "If the phone is nearby right?"

    Generally they think the watch is useful but would want it to be able to work independently, so I think this could be a huge thing for a lot of people.

    Any significant monthly fee is going to be a deal breaker for some of those people. Possibly even for me.

    very disappointed to find that Vodafone cannot connect to the watch AFTER purchasing. Both Vodafone website and apple info extremely misleading on this

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