Apple TV 4K Is a 4K Apple TV, Finally

Apple TV 4K Is a 4K Apple TV, Finally

Apple has some catching up to do in the streaming wars, and today’s announcement of the latest Apple TV firmly positions it as… a way to watch 4K videos through iTunes. That’s the big news, but there were a few additional bits of info that might convince you to give it a chance.


The black hockey-puckish case of the Apple TV has largely stayed the same over the years and this edition is no different. It will still look just fine in your entertainment center.


With a six-core A10X Fusion processor split between apps and background processes, the new Apple TV has the same amount of power as iPad Pro. It can handle 4K video, is packing 3 GB RAM and supports HDR 10 for all of your high dynamic range colour needs. This brings Apple up to speed with its competitors who’ve been offering 4K and HDR for a while. No new announcements were made for the Apple remote.

4K Movies

Apple has negotiated with all the major studios to offer their 4K movies at the same price as HD. Also, all of the HD movies in your library can be upgraded to 4K for no charge. Apple’s promising that Netflix and Amazon Prime’s 4K content is coming soon.

Killer App

Jenova Chen CEO of thatgamecompany came out on stage to introduce Sky, a game with Apple TV in mind. It’s a “romantic adventure game” that looks similar to the company’s previous hits like Journey and Flower. Chen showed off some pretty footage and emphasised that “everything can be done with one finger” on the Apple remote. Everything thatgamecompany has made is beloved and considered an instant classic. It may not be as big as bringing Miyamoto out on stage, but this is a perfect partnership for Apple as it struggles to convince people that Apple TV is for gaming. This companies games are all about providing a rapturous experience on a big screen. No release date was announced.

User Interface

The UI has been reworked and optimised for 4K along with the screensavers. A new iteration of Apple’s useless TV app was also demonstrated. It now has a tweaked interface, has added some live news and sports features, and is as unexciting as ever.

Price and Launch Date

The 32 GB model is going for $US179.99 ($224), and the 64GB model is $US199 ($248). You can also get the non-4K Apple TV for the usual $US150 ($187). Orders can be placed starting on September 15th and it’s out on September 22nd.