Apple iPhone 8 And 8 Plus: Australian Price & Release Date

Image: Apple

Apple's iPhone 8 isn't necessarily an upgrade for iPhone 7 buyers, but it should be attractive if you have a slightly older device. If you know you want one, here's when you can make that purchase and how much it'll cost you.

Looking for the iPhone X?

The iPhone 8 will ship in Australia on September 22. Pre-orders start from 6:01PM AEDT on September 15.

The 64GB 4.7-inch iPhone 8 starts from $1079 in silver, gold and space grey finishes, while the 256GB version will cost $1329.

The 64GB 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus starts from $1229 in silver, gold and space grey again, while the 256GB version will cost $1479.

When it happens, we'll share with you the full details of pre-order offers from Telstra, Vodafone, Optus and other Aussie telcos. These pre-order deals are likely to be announced extremely soon -- in the next day, probably -- so stay tuned.




    hahaha iphone 8 isnt necessarily an upgrade for the iphone 7....


      If you own an iPhone 7, you're not necessarily getting much of an upgrade with the iPhone s 8.

        @cambellsimpson hi, i am using i5, so should i purchase i7 plus or i8 plus ?

      I have a 6s, and will be upgrading for the better camera, battery, waterproof, and possibly the last TouchID device as FaceID seems inconvenient for mobile payments.

    And someone is already camped out front of the Apple Store in Sydney.
    Hopefully he's there for the 8 (10 days), and not the X (40 days)

    Well, glad I went for the s8+ and not waited for this.

    Going to be pretty interesting reading reviews of these phones and seeing what the sales are like.

    As a tech fan, I look at these as just a boring updates. They look identical to the 2014 apple phones from the front.

    I look at the 8 and can't believe they have stuck with the HD ready resolution. I think QHD is overkill unless using VR, but I have always found the HD ready iphones fuzzy to look at. Its direct competitor is the Samsung S8, considering a phone is all about the screen, why would you choose a 4.7" HD ready over a 5.8" QHD in the same size device at a similar price?

    Then you look at the 8 plus, has FHD resolution which is perfect and dual camera which is cool, but for me, the massive bezels make it too big for the pocket. It's a BIG phone, and has a smaller screen than the Note 8 or Samsung S8+.

    The X is pretty cool, i really like the lack of bezels, but I think at $400 more than the Samsung S8 it's a very hard sell, you would have to REALLY prefer the software to pay that much more for a similar spec phone.

    I have the iphone 6 and considering the iphone 8 plus but not sure if I'll like how further it will stick out of my pocket, will test with an iphone 7 plus

    I've got a 6 as well, I'll probably upgrade to an 8, not the Plus. Huge improvements for me but I definitely don't want the size change.

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