Adam Strange Is Travelling Into The Past To Join Syfy’s Krypton

Syfy is hoping that fans’ interest in Superman’s homeworld will be enough to catapult its new series Krypton to success. But just in case a live-action drama about the history of Superman’s family wasn’t enough to pull you in, Krypton is adding another DC character to up the ante: Adam Strange.

Image: DC Comics

According to Deadline, Shaun Sipos (The Vampire Diaries) is set to join Krypton as Strange, a human who is suddenly transported from Earth to Krypton two generations before Superman’s birth. In the show, Strange will find companionship with Superman’s grandfather Seg-El, as a grander plot unfolds about heroes and villains from the present meddling with Superman’s future.

Image: DC Comics, Getty

Image: DC Comics, Getty

In the comics, Strange has a number of his own adventures after a series of mysterious Zeta Rays transport him from Earth to the far-off planet Rann. We can expect to see Adam Strange teaming up with Superman’s ancestors to fight Braniac when Krypton premieres next year on Syfy.