Actually, Engine Braking Is Fine

Actually, Engine Braking Is Fine
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“Is engine braking with a manual transmission bad?” you might ask your disinterested friends at lunch. Well, Engineering Explained has an answer for you! In his newest video, Jason Fenske goes over not only what engine braking is, but also whether or not it’s bad for your car.

Engine braking occurs when a driver takes their foot off the throttle. The throttle valve closes, a vacuum forms and the engine slows the car down. This is the same case in a manual transmission. It’s often been rumoured that engine braking is bad for your car, but it can actually prove beneficial, as Fenske explains in the video.

It’s efficient to engine-brake because once the throttle is no longer pressed, the car is using less fuel. Although it seems negligible, over long trips, the amount of fuel saved can add up.

Also, when engine braking, the actual brakes on the car are being used less than they normally would, which helps them last longer. Over long descents on mountains, hills or just extended periods of driving, engine braking is good for the health of your brakes. They don’t get overheated on a descent, which allows them to operate normally.

So engine brake away! It won’t hurt your car and will probably even help it.