A PSA For Those With Gigabyte AMD Motherboards

A PSA For Those With Gigabyte AMD Motherboards
Image: Supplied

If you’ve recently built an AMD system and it happens to be based off a Gigabyte motherboard, you might want to consider updating your BIOS post-haste.

The manufacturer this week has pushed out an update for the BIOS on their Aorus AX370 Gaming K7 motherboards. They’re one of GIGABYTE’s more popular offerings for pairing AMD’s Ryzen CPUs, and if you’re someone who’s running a setup like this you’re not going to enjoy what follows.

Guru3D has warned that users have been reporting about overheating issues on Gaming K7 motherboards using the F5 BIOS, which has been available since around the launch of the Ryzen platform. Apparently, the F5 BIOS has been applying a dynamic core voltage that’s vastly higher than it should be, resulting in the potential to cook the CPU and the platform entirely.

GIGABYTE has since removed the download for the F5 BIOS from the official support page, and replaced it with an updated version (F6).

But that’s not all: a new BIOS has been released for the mid-range GA-AX370-Gaming K5 motherboards as well. It’s called F8, but the description lists the same fixes as what was rolled out for the more expensive K7 motherboards.

So if you have a GIGABYTE Gaming K5 or K7 motherboard, it’s time to update your BIOS. Easiest way is to either use the supplied BIOS update tools from the GIGABYTE website, or to download the BIOS directly from the links above and drop the files (they’ll have a .F6 or .F8 filename extension) onto a USB stick.