A New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Toy Sneakily Revealed Supreme Leader Snoke’s Huge New Starship

A New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Toy Sneakily Revealed Supreme Leader Snoke’s Huge New Starship

All the new Last Jedi toys revealed yesterday were mostly based on things we already know are going to be in the new movie, from precious porgs to angry-looking heavy walkers. But one toy in particular actually gave us our first look at the capital ship Snoke calls home.

Image: Lucasfilm

These images come from the app used to control’s Sphero’s new droid toy, BB-9E, AKA “BB-H8”, the evil BB-unit first officially unveiled yesterday. Each of the three droids the company has released for Force Friday II — BB-8, the wonderful new R2-D2, and now BB-9E — can pull up “holographic” augmented reality recreations of ships from the Star Wars universe that you can guide them around, revealing factoids and images of each vessel.

R2 gets the Millennium Falcon, BB-8 gets the Raddus (a new Resistance ship from The Last Jedi named after Rogue One‘s Mon Calamari admiral), but BB-9E gets the Supremacy, none other than the flagship of the First Order fleet. We got some hands-on time with BB-9E thanks to Force Friday II, and were able to pull a few images of the new ship from his virtual tour

As well as getting to trundle around a hologram-blue AR version of the ship, the Sphero app also pulls up images and details about the Supremacy, letting us get a proper look at it. The boomerang-looking ship is described as a Mega-Class Star Destroyer (the only one of its kind) and the headquarters of the First Order, the ship Snoke was hiding on in the unknown regions of space to keep the First Order’s rise a secret.

Another image says that the Supremacy makes its presence known in the movie thanks to the First Order’s Pyrrhic victory in The Force Awakens. When Snoke apparently senses that the New Republic’s fleet and the Senate have been destroyed by Starkiller Base, it looks like he decides the time is right for the First Order and its fleet to come out of hiding and make its real play for galactic dominance.

The Supremacy definitely stands apart from the rest of the First Order designs we’ve seen from The Last Jedi, mainly because it looks unlike anything we’ve seen in the galaxy far, far away before rather than an update of any Imperial design. A Super Star Destroyer this ain’t! Last Jedi director Rian Johnson did say that the new toys wouldn’t have any major spoilers about the movie, but that aside, I guess it’s thematically appropriate for a tiny little droid to hold some vital new information about the Star Wars galaxy though, isn’t it?

We’ll see the Supremacy in action when Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theatres December 14.