A New Book Will Tell You If Your Favourite Hero Should Actually Be Dead

We’ve all watched a movie where a character gets hurt and thought “They’d never survive that in real life.” Well, a new book will put that to the test with some super gruesome and awesome drawings.

All Image: Insight

It’s called Ain’t Got Time To Bleed and it’s written by Andrew Shaffer. He takes 29 of your favourite movie heroes, and villains, breaks down their injuries, and attempts to figure out if they would have actually survived the movie or not. Here are three exclusive examples.

As you can see, Shaffer numbers each injury from throughout the movie, then analyizes them to see what the actual physical harm would be. He then comes up with a conclusion: Alive or Dead.

Besides Ash, Sarah, and Bruce, the book has Douglas Quaid from Total Recall, Dutch Schaefer from Predator, Sean Archer from Face/Off, Jack from Fight Club, John McClain from Die Hard, The Bride from Kill Bill, John Rambo from Rambo and more.

Ain’t Got Time to Bleed will be published by Insight Editions on November 7. Pre-order here.