Yup, This Is Exactly The Blueprint For A Blockbuster Movie Trailer

Video: Ever get the sense that every trailer you see is the same? At least the trailers for big budget, visual effects-heavy Hollywood blockbusters? Well, the Auralnauts have put those tropes all together... into a trailer.

Image: YouTube

At first, watching this video I was only mildly into it. But then the cover of "You Spin Me Round" hit and I couldn't help but laugh out loud. It grabbed me. That's the perfect, totally ridiculous but not so ridiculous song that you could almost imagine playing in the next trailer for Geostorm or something. (Sorry Geostorm, you were the first upcoming effects-heavy blockbuster that popped into my head.)

Did the Auralnauts team miss any of the major tropes? Let us know below.


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