You Can Now Watch Netflix In HDR On Sony's Xperia XZ Premium

Image: Sony

Xperia XZ Premium owners, this one is for you, and all your burning watching Netflix in HDR on your smartphone needs.

"HDR allows viewers to experience films and TV shows in stunning, true to life colour and greater detail for striking realism," John Featherstone, Managing Director of Sony Mobile Oceania says of the news. "Netflix is on the leading edge of entertainment, and now XZ Premium users can watch content at its absolute best anywhere they want."

Basically, all you need to do is enable HDR by canging the video quality streaming to "high" in your Netflix settings, and make sure your internet connection speeds are good enough to deal with it.

But a reminder - this only applies to Premium Netflix account holders - so you'll need the fancy plan. You can see more on that here.

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