Wild Rumours About A Secretive New Star Trek Project

Wild Rumours About A Secretive New Star Trek Project

Rumours are circulating about the story of the next James Bond movie, including the return of some familiar faces. Brie Larson discusses the expectations of starring in Captain Marvel. New Flash set pictures reveal an updated suit for Barry Allen. Plus, American Horror Story: Cult loses a regular and a new Preacher clip. Spoilers now!

James Bond 25

British tabloid The Mirror claims that the next James Bond film now has the working title Shatterhand and will be based on the 2001 Raymond Benson novel, Never Dream Of Dying. Bond 25 will also allegedly borrow story elements from both You Only Live Twice and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and both Christophe Waltz and Dave Bautista will return as Blofeld (“Shatterhand”, of course, being the alias Blofeld used in You Only Live Twice) and Mr Hinx, respectively.

Blade Runner 2049

Hans Zimmer will score the film with Johann Johnson and Benjamin Wallfisch, according to the French publication Studio Ciné Live.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Child actress Summer Fontana posted a photograph from Montreal, which naturally lead to rampant speculation that she’ll be playing the young(er) Jean Grey in flashback scenes.

Captain Marvel

Brie Larson spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the “pressure” of playing Carol Danvers.

I mean, I feel pressure in that it’s a character that people love and are inspired by and I see that, and so I want to do right by that. And I want people to feel like their character is honored.

I don’t understand why there’s pressure put on women as if it’s the most shocking concept ever that a woman can open a movie — it’s like, it’s kind of a tired concept. We’ve proven it for a long time, so I don’t put pressure on in that way at all.


The BBFC has confirmed the film has a 135 minute runtime.


Bloody-Disgusting has the first poster for Mayhem, a horror film starring The Walking Dead‘s Steven Yeun, about a man framed for corporate espionage on the day a deadly virus spreads through the office building.

Han Solo

Woody Harrelson told ET he thinks Han Solo could be “one of the funnier” Star Wars movies:

I think a lot of humour comes through what he’s doing. I think it could be one of the funnier Star Wars movies.

Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters

SciFi Japan has a detailed rundown of Godzilla’s first animated film — including a photo of “Servum”, a dragon-like kaiju new to the franchise.

Star Trek: Khan

Geek Exchange claims that Nicholas Meyer — the writer-director of the iconic Trek movie Wrath of Khan — is developing a miniseries based around Khan for CBS.

Meyer (who has been working Discovery as well, and has recently stated he’s had a second Trek project in the works beyond that) is allegedly crafting a prequel series that would show the events between the original Star Trek episode that saw Kirk dump Khan and his followers on Ceti Alpha V, “Space Seed”, and the villain’s return in Wrath of Khan. Nothing’s been confirmed yet, so take this with a pinch of genetically-enhanced salt for now.

Jessica Jones

Entertainment Weekly reports that J.R. Ramirez has joined the cast of season two as Oscar, a single father who becomes the new superintendent of Jessica’s building.

The Flash

TV Line reports that Hartley Sawyer has been cast as Ralph Dibney, better known as the DC superhero the Elongated Man.

In related news, a recent set pic reveals Barry’s new costume for season four — a minor, slightly vein-ier update to the speedster’s suit.

American Horror Story: Cult

Kathy Bates will not be returning for the new season, according to THR.

The Dark Tower (TV)

Director Nikolaj Arcel says the TV companion series is still in the works, and will still be canon with the events of the film.

It’s being written. I was part of writing the pilot, like the first season ideas and the pilot and the second episode. It’s gonna be awesome. What was exciting about that, whereas with the film, we were really trying to create an introduction and make a standalone film that could sort of live in itself, but what was also exciting, working on the TV show at the same time, is that is totally canon.

We’re going back in the past. It’s very, very closely adhering to the ‘Wizard and Glass’ novel and parts of ‘The Gunslinger’ novel. That was exciting to be even more like, ‘OK, now we’re going to be able to even lift lines directly, or like [write] characters exactly as they are.’ Which, as a fan, was exciting in a different way.

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Tulip uncovers a box of Boo Berry in a clip from this week’s episode, “Holes”.


The show’s executive producers — along with star Cameron Cuffe — had a chat with TV Line about Syfy’s bonkers new Superman prequel.

Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters

Finally, Coming Soon has the first image from Netflix’s Stretch Armstrong series — now titled Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters. If the futuristic flight suits didn’t tip you off, this won’t be your parent’s Stretch Armstrong.

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