What’s Your Favourite Extinct Epcot Song?

What’s Your Favourite Extinct Epcot Song?

When I was a kid in the 1990s I’d listen to the Epcot soundtrack on repeat. It had so many amazing songs that would instantly hit all the nostalgia centres of my brain, even if this particular brand of nostalgia was for something as recent as my last trip to Epcot from a year earlier.

Scene of the future from the extinct Epcot attraction Horizons, closed in 1999 (Disney Parks)

I recently found myself googling old Epcot songs (something I haven’t done in a very long time) in order to find some kind of escape from the misery of modern day.

If you remember Walt Disney World’s Epcot in the 1980s or ’90s, let us know what your favourite extinct Epcot song is in the comments. It might even just be the background music (BGM) of a particular era, like this track. Or maybe it’s one of the more folksy songs like “Listen to the Land” from the Land pavilion. Or maybe it’s the horrible (but great) vintage Universe of Energy song.

What’s your favourite? I’ve included a handful of tracks below, but it’s obviously not comprehensive. It’s really hard to choose, but I’d have to say that the “Transitional Tunnel” piece of music from Horizons (RIP) might be my favourite today. But obviously I have a bias towards Horizons for all its retro-future goodness. And my favourite of any Disney thing is bound to change within an hour. I grew up on this stuff.

Again, let us know your personal favourite in the comments. And if Disney Parks music is your thing generally you should check out Reedy Creek Radio.

Epcot entrance loop music

‘Figment Theme Song’ from Journey Into Imagination

‘Tomorrow’s Child’ from Spaceship Earth

‘Listen to the Land’ from The Land

Living Seas main theme

‘Universe of Energy’ from The Universe of Energy

‘Canada’ from Canada Pavilion

‘It’s Fun to be Free’ from World of Motion

‘Innoventions’ area loop

‘Transitional Tunnel’ from Horizons

Maelstrom ‘Norway Ride’ music

‘Looking Glass’ at Wonders of Life