We Don’t Know How These Characters Relate To Captain Phasma And We Love It

We Don’t Know How These Characters Relate To Captain Phasma And We Love It

This Force Friday, September 1, fans are finally going to learn something about Captain Phasma. That’s when Delilah S. Dawson’s new canon Star Wars novel, Phasma, is released. And to commemorate it, Del Ray Books just revealed three very mysterious and intriguing new characters.

This mysterious character is part of Captain Phasma’s past. All Images: Del Ray

Each character is on the back of an exclusive, double-sided poster, each of which will be available at a specific US retailer: Target, Barnes and Noble and Wal-Mart. On the front of each, you get the star, Captain Phasma herself.

But on the back, each store has a new character. Here’s the Target poster.

The Barnes and Noble poster.

And, finally, the Wal-Mart poster.

All designed by artist James Zapata. Del Ray revealed the posters on Twitter, and the only details it gave about each character was that the top one is Resistance, the middle one is First Order, and last one is male.

There’s no point in speculating who these characters are or what they do because it could literally be anything. But they’re so cool looking, we just had to post them. Like, who is that staff dude? Did he train Phasma as a child? Is he a family member? And is the red armoured Stormtrooper related to the Praetorian guard? Damnit, now I’ve gone and speculated.

Feel free to do so yourselves below, and here’s the link to the book.