Watch Star Trek: Voyager's Intro Sequence, Remastered From Scratch, In Stunning 4K

An official, high-definition remaster of Star Trek: Voyager will almost certainly never happen. While arguably less popular than TNG and DS9, the show, which followed a Starfleet crew stranded in the Delta quadrant 70,000 light years from Earth, still had its moments — particularly any episode featuring Robert Picardo's holographic doctor.

Fortunately, we do have something: this from-scratch, 4K rendition of Voyager's intro by a talented fan.

Created by the UK-based NeonVisual using Lightwave 3D and After Affects, the 4K intro was originally put together back in 2012, according to the clip's YouTube description.

Unhappy with the first attempt, NeonVisual went back and had another go, using a "highly modified" fan-made version of everyone's favourite Intrepid class starship, along with a bunch of quality tweaks from NeonVisual.

The end result is this glorious video. Even without a 4K screen, it's still a massive improvement on the broadcast version. And holy damn, Jerry Goldsmith's Voyager theme still gives me shivers.

If you're interested in watching some of the behind-the-scenes work that went into the high-res intro, there's a bunch of informative videos on NeonVisual's Google+ site.

[YouTube, via Reddit]

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