Watch 5000 Jedi Completely Wipe Out 25,000 Soldiers And The Horses They're Riding

Video: Jedi were supposed to be the peaceful protectors of the galaxy, only resorting to fighting when needed, or whenever a conversation at a bar got too heated. But thanks to a PC game called Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, we can finally watch the Jedi become the galaxy's biggest bullies.

Gif via YouTube

We last saw the Jedi wipe out some medieval soldiers, whom, I guess, called in the cavalry as they gave up the Force ghost:

That's not to say this massive cavalry army of 25,000 soldiers on horseback wasn't up to no good. There's probably a good reason these 5000 Jedi cut through all of them like a hot lightsaber through butter, even though they were outnumbered five to one. But having to watch so many horses die in the slaughter is a little heartbreaking. Hopefully they don't smell as bad as 25,000 dead Tauntauns would.


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