This Year’s Big DC/CW Crossover Is A Two-Night Event 

This Year’s Big DC/CW Crossover Is A Two-Night Event 

Last year, the CW’s big Arrow/Flash/Supergirl/Legends of Tomorrow crossover took over the network for four straight nights — well, more like three and a little bit — of alien-punching glory. This year however, the network has compacted things up to deliver a duo of two-hour “movies” on two nights.

Image: CW

Starting in the US Monday, November 27, Supergirl and Arrow — moving from its usual Thursday night slot for one night only — will air back to back, followed by The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow teaming up the night after. The episodes are described less as individual segments themselves and more like two individual “movies” that come together to form the whole crossover, according to CW President Mark Pedowitz:

We felt in this particular case we had Flash on Legends paired, so it was better to make it a two two hour movies — a miniseries — we thought this was the best way to go. We had a lot of conversations with producers and marketing people. Next year, we might go back to four nights.

If that means there’s going to be a more direct pairing between the characters of Supergirl and Arrow — especially with how Ollie constantly freaked out about Kara being an alien in the last crossover — then I can’t wait.