This Is The Star Wars BB-8 Set Lego Needs To Give Us

GIF: Flickr

Another Star Wars movie on the horizon means we can also expect a tidal wave of The Last Jedi toys flooding stores between now and the holidays. Lego will undoubtedly be revealing new sets soon, but who cares about building Kylo Ren's new ship when this rolling Lego BB-8 is all kinds of wonderful?

Designed and built by Takamichi Irie, who posted their creation to Flickr, the detailed BB-8 model uses a series of gears and other Lego Technic components hidden away inside the droid to appear as if it's rolling along, taking in the scenery as it moves its head from side to side.

Unfortunately, Irie hasn't shared any instructions or technical details on how to build this take on BB-8. Which means you're either going to have to reverse engineer it yourself based on the photos and video they shared to Flickr, or cross your fingers and hope that Lego releases something equally impressive for The Last Jedi.

[Flickr - Takamichi Irie via The Brothers Brick]



    a tiny bit of research would reveal that lego are already releasing an indentical BB8 in the next wave.

    keep up the great work

      Lego are releasing a BB-8 like the one in the GIF? That was fan-designed?

        sorry, that was a little dickish in my response.

        Lego 75187 - 1106 piece count

          *identical in design - not in function.

          That particluar model consists of a number of 'illegal' connections which cant be put into manufacture

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