This App Makes Your Shitty Housemates Pay Bills On Time

This App Makes Your Shitty Housemates Pay Bills On Time
Image: Easyshare

Constant nagging, passive aggressive notes and straight up threats to never wash up again may not get your housemates to cough up their fair share – but this app just might.

Easyshare automatically collects and pays the share of rent and bills for housemates.

Available on on iOS and Android, Easyshare founder John Bush, said the app exists because he experienced first hand the pain points and disorganisation that comes with managing money in sharehouses.

“We saw an opportunity to simplify sharehouse living for millions of Australians by offering a smarter, safer and stress-free way to manage finances for housemates. Our pilot phase confirmed there was a real need for something like easyshare,” said Bush.

Here’s how it works:

Sign up and invite your housemates, then add your rent details and tell the app each housemates’ share. Everyone chooses how they want to pay (bank transfer is free, credit cards attract a surcharge of 1.5 per cent for Visa/Mastercard, 3.3 per cent for AMEX), then the app will “get your expenses split, paid and sorted”.

Of course, it won’t stop your shitty housemates not having any cash in their accounts. The app will re-run payments up to seven times. Each time a payment fails easyshare will let them know and give them the option to switch accounts or cards. All housemates are notified if a group payment (rent or bills) has been short-paid and is overdue.

We haven’t tried out the app ourselves yet, so let us know in the comments if it works for you.