The Joker Figure Of A Thousand Faces, And More Of The Most Wonderful Toys Of The Week

The Joker Figure Of A Thousand Faces, And More Of The Most Wonderful Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our weekly round up of the coolest toys and merchandise floating around the internet. This week, we’ve got a festive Lego set, an obscenely over-the-top Nerf cannon, and yes, a Joker figure just resplendent with different emotions. Take a look, and prepare to hide your wallet somewhere safe.

Batman: The Animated Series The Joker Expressions Action Figure Pack

The Dark Knight doesn’t get much better than Bruce Timm’s Batman: The Animated Series, which included one of Mark Hamill’s best Joker characters. Finally, there’s an action figure befitting Mr. Jay’s madness. Like the Toy News International]

Diamond Select Toys – Statler & Waldorf

Before Joel and the bots were cracking wise at terrible movies on Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Statler and Waldorf were heckling the cast of The Muppet Show from the safety of their box seats. Despite being jerks, they were quite possibly two of the most fondly-remembered Muppets, so we’re not sure why it’s taken so long for them to get a decent figure treatment. Available sometime in December for $US23 ($29), the three and five-inch figures include basic articulation in their limbs, and a tiny balcony so you can perch them on a shelf and have them mock you all day long. [Big Bad Toy Store via Toy News International]

Figuarts Mechagodzilla

OK, so Godzilla action figures are cool. Know what’s even cooler, though? Mecha godzilla action figures. Coming in at over 6″ tall, Mechagodzilla — titular co-star of the classic 1974 kaiju movie Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla — comes with a shiny paint job and multiple hands to recreate the big G’s robot counterpart in various poses from the film. On top of that, he even comes with retro-styled accessories to depict his infamous Cross-attack Beam emitting out of his chest like a giant lightning bolt! Mechagodzilla will be available as a premium Bandai web exclusive in Japan next January, so you’ll have to get in your preorders early if you want to find one — and it will set you back around $US88 ($111). [Premium Bandai]

Super Nintendo Controller Wallet

Nintendo’s reveal that a Super Nintendo Classic Edition will be arriving in late September has us feeling nostalgic for the simple joys of 16-bit gaming. The SNES controller, which spent countless hours in our hands, can now spend even more time in our pockets with this $US20 ($25) SNES bi-fold controller wallet. It’s got a change purse on the inside, textured buttons on the outside, and plenty of card slots which can be repurposed for holding Nintendo Switch cartridges. [Toy People News]

MAFEX Justice League Figures

The Justice League assembles! Sort of. Partially, at least.

Batman, Superman, and the Flash are the first three Justice League figures to enter the MAFEX line of absurdly poseable Japanese figurines. Each one comes with multiple sets of alternate hands, and in Batman’s case, a few extra gadgets for him to wield. There’s also some alternate heads depicting the maskless faces of Barry Allen for the Flash, while Superman and Batman get… well, just varying stages of anger, really. Batman will be available in Japan next January, while you’ll have to wait till March to get your hands on Superman and Flash, for around $US60 ($76)-70 each. [Toyark]

Playmobil How To Train Your Dragons

After 40 years of making toys, earlier this year Playmobil expanded its lineup with its first licensed set featuring characters, vehicles, and playsets based on the original Ghostbusters film. The toymaker’s second licensed line is based on a newer, and more kid-centric, property: Dreamworks’ How to Train Your Dragon. The sets include three dragons from the original animated film, Toothless, Stormfly, and Thunderclaw, as well as catapults, ballistas, a giant boat, and a playset based on the island of Berk. They range in price from $US13 ($16) to $US20 ($25), and have us excited to see what property Playmobil licenses next. [Playmobil]

Photo courtesy Animi Causa

Photo courtesy Animi Causa

PenPOW – Pencil Catapult

Most adults probably can’t remember the last time they held a pencil, but for grade school students learning how to print, pencils are still a useful and forgiving tool. Besides, using a pen clip that doubles as a miniature catapult when flipped around will get you fired from a job, but use the PenPOW catapult at school, and at worst you’ll get sent to chat with the principal. It will be available in late September from Animi Causa for around $US11 ($14), spitballs not included. [Animi Causa]

Lego Winter Village Station

If you’re a sucker for the holidays, you probably had Lego’s Winter Holiday Train circling your Christmas tree last December. This year the company is following up on that set with its new 902-piece Winter Village Station, available October 1 for $US80 ($101). Designed as an expansion to the holiday train, the new set features a festively-decorated, snow-covered station, various passengers and railway personnel, a road crossing with working gates, and a bus topped with a luggage rack full of presents. Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year. [Lego]

Nerf Doomlands The Judge Blaster

Federal regulations prevent toy guns from looking exactly like the real thing, but in recent years Nerf has taken the design of its toy blasters to the opposite extreme. The Doomlands “The Judge” looks like something from an apocalyptic wasteland (or a possible very near future, depending on how things go), but as massive as it is, firing three darts from its rotating 30-dart barrel with every trigger pull, it’s still manually primed and loaded. Even without a set of batteries inside, the $US60 ($76) Judge still feels satisfyingly heavy in hand. [Nerf]