The Last Remaining Original Ford GT40 Roadster Is For Sale

The Last Remaining Original Ford GT40 Roadster Is For Sale

Photos via listing.

Sometimes I just have to wonder how somebody could let a particular car go, and then I remember that I’ve never seen more than four figures on a check written to my name. But now the only remaining Ford GT40 Roadster is for sale, and I’m not sure anything short of a fortune would settle it this time.

This here is one of 12 GT40 prototypes developed by Ford from back when they were out to beat Ferrari’s arse at Le Mans in the 1960’s, except it’s extra special because it’s the only one left (intentionally) without a roof.

You can read the full history of this specific car over on its Classic Driver listing. This GT40, GT/108, was the first roadster produced and is notable for keeping its original 1965-styled nose all these years, making it probably the rarest GT40 imaginable.

Every other roadster was either destroyed, adapted to be closed-cockpit, or otherwise modified, but not this one. This one has never forgotten the rush of wind and the added ambiance of the exhaust, and now it will go on to a new owner for a gazillion-rillion dollars probably. You can see it in the flesh at The Quail in Monterey next week if you want to really feel alive. Or you could buy it, and then immediately email us.