Telstra Doubles Tasmania's Undersea Internet Cable Speeds

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Telstra has completed what it says is the first stage of a national upgrade to its backhaul transmission network, and Tasmania reaps the spoils — its two Bass Strait undersea cables have been doubled in capacity to 1 terabit per second. Telstra says that the new tech can handle 200,000 HD videos being streamed simultaneously. Who wants to get out their phone and have a go?

The upgrade is the first in a nationwide upgrade for Telstra, it says; Victoria, NSW and South Australia are next in line in a few weeks for the telco's upgrade to what it calls "next generation optical transport technology". Hopefully this means a little bit more redundancy in Tasmania's internet infrastructure — we don't want to have another Basslink situation on our hands.

Remember that?

One Of Tasmania's Major Undersea Internet Cables Will Be Cut For Over A Month

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